Liver And Onion Salad - Recipe With Photo

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Liver And Onion Salad - Recipe With Photo
Liver And Onion Salad - Recipe With Photo

Video: Liver And Onion Salad - Recipe With Photo

Video: Liver And Onion Salad - Recipe With Photo
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Liver - 300 g

Onion - 1 large head

Eggs - 3 pcs.

Carrots - 0.3 pcs.

Milk - 3-4 tablespoons

Water - 3 tbsp.

Salt to taste

Curry or turmeric - optional

Mayonnaise - for dressing

Oil - for frying

  • 134 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

The liver, onion and egg pancakes salad can be served warm or cold. Delicious in both versions. Thanks to this option, my youngest child finally began to eat dishes with liver, so the salad is firmly established in the family menu, and I am happy to share the recipe with everyone. It is quite suitable for a festive table for variety and quantity.

I think it's best to use chicken liver: both easier to prepare and softer in taste.

Onions for salad can be either simply scalded or quickly pickled, which makes the taste of the finished dish brighter and more effective.

For this liver and onion salad, prepare the ingredients to taste.

Marinate the onion first. To do this, chop it finely. Set aside a small part, and squeeze the rest, salt, sprinkle with sugar and sprinkle with fruit vinegar, as indicated in the link above.

Chop the carrots and the deferred onion with a blender or grater.

Grind the chicken liver in mashed potatoes with a blender and combine with vegetables.

Pour in milk, lightly salt, stir.

From this mass, you will need to fry pancakes on both sides in a pan with butter.

Lightly salt the eggs and mix with water, add curry or turmeric if desired for a brighter yellow color.

From this egg mass, you also need to fry pancakes or thin omelets.

Chop liver and egg pancakes into strips, combine with pickled onions squeezed out of excess liquid and mix.

Season with good quality mayonnaise before serving. Add chopped fresh dill as desired.

Liver and onion salad is ready. Serve warm or cold.

Enjoy your meal!

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