"Belarusian" Salad With Liver And Mushrooms - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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"Belarusian" Salad With Liver And Mushrooms - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
"Belarusian" Salad With Liver And Mushrooms - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: "Belarusian" Salad With Liver And Mushrooms - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: "Belarusian" Salad With Liver And Mushrooms - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
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Delicious, hearty salad that you can put on a festive table or cheer yourself up on a normal weekday.


Chicken liver - 200 g

Champignons - 100 g

Onion - 1 pc.

Carrots - 1 pc.

Pickled cucumber - 1-2 pcs.

Chicken egg - 1-2 pcs.

Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons

Salt - 1/2 tsp

Ground black pepper - 1/5 tsp

Vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons

  • 141 kcal
  • 40 minutes
  • 40 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

For those on a diet, this salad is not the lowest calorie option. But when I cooked this dish for the first time for the family, then all the diets were instantly sacrificed. The salad is delicious and satisfying. Pickled or pickled cucumber fits perfectly into the overall composition and gives the salad that very "fresh", crunchy touch. You can try to make the salad less greasy, for example, if you boil the liver, and fry the mushrooms and vegetables in a dry frying pan (only there should be a non-stick coating). You can fill the salad with mayonnaise or low-fat sour cream. For the holiday "Belarusian" salad is quite suitable, well, but on a weekday it will cheer you up.

To prepare the Belarusian salad with liver and mushrooms, prepare simple and affordable ingredients. The liver is best taken from chicken or turkey. Cucumber - optionally salted or pickled.

Cut the cucumber into strips or cubes. Drain some of the brine that will stand out during slicing, but not into a salad bowl - otherwise the salad may turn out too "watery".

Hard-boiled chicken eggs in salted water. Then cool, peel and cut into cubes, send to a salad bowl with pickled cucumbers.

Wash the champignons, cut each mushroom into 4-5 pieces, fry over low heat until tender. During frying, mushrooms need to be salted, and fry - no more than 15 minutes. Let the mushrooms cool slightly and transfer to a salad bowl.

Rinse the chilled or thawed chicken liver thoroughly, you can put it in a colander for this, and after rinsing, let the excess water drain. Cut off all excess, cut large pieces into several parts.

Heat the cooking oil in a skillet. Place the pieces of liver on a hot surface and sauté over medium heat. You can salt the liver. Stir, fry for 7-10 minutes, then let the liver cool.

Chop the onions and carrots. It can be smaller, but it is better if the vegetables are cut into strips or strips.

Fry vegetables in a small amount of oil until soft, stirring for 7-10 minutes.

Transfer the vegetables to a salad bowl.

Basically, the Belarusian salad with liver and mushrooms is ready. It remains only to fill it - mayonnaise is ideal for this. Honestly, I try to add less mayonnaise to various salads or appetizers. Trying to substitute sour cream, olive oil, soy sauce or other dressings. But here mayonnaise is very appropriate, and therefore I could not resist. And then she did not regret it. Add mayonnaise to salad bowl and stir. Serve in portions.

Before serving, you can decorate the salad with fresh herbs - whatever you like. I love parsley and that's why it's here.

Enjoy your meal!

Important additions to the recipe

If you want to use beef or pork liver for salad, it's best to soak it in cold water for several hours or even overnight.

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