Italian "Caesar" With Chicken - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Italian "Caesar" With Chicken - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Italian "Caesar" With Chicken - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Italian "Caesar" With Chicken - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Italian "Caesar" With Chicken - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
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Family recipe for Caesar salad with chicken. Originally from Italy.


Salad - 30 g

Chicken - 50 g

Cheese - 15 g

Rusk white - 5 g

Egg - 1 pc.

Olive oil - 1 tsp

Salt, pepper, vinegar - to taste

  • 189 kcal
  • 7 minutes
  • 7 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Italian "Caesar" with chicken … Yes, I'm not afraid to show this recipe. I love him! But I am already looking forward to someone erudite who will come and tell me that "Caesar" is an American salad, has nothing to do with Italy and the Roman rulers, and is called so because it was invented by an American emigrant of Italian descent Caesar Cardini.

Well, American Caesar salad has its own history, and I have my own. The recipe I am showing you here is our family recipe. And we called it "Giuseppe salad". Giuseppe is my father-in-law, now deceased.

Giuseppe was from South Tyrol. Unlike all other Austrian Tyrols, the South belongs to Italy. Withdrew on indemnity after the First World War.

Giuseppe was born in 1920, grew up in a mountain village, never went to restaurants and could not be familiar with Caesar's salad by Caesar Cardini. If someone told him that he loves American salad, he would not understand what this person is all about. He ate this dish, familiar to him from childhood.

You will see that the Italian "Caesar" with chicken has some differences from the American one, but all of them only simplify the preparation and reduce the requirements for ingredients. In all honesty - in the original version, Giuseppe's salad was not even with chicken, but with game - with all the birds that he and his brothers caught in the snare. It was just that then it was easier for them to get hold of the blackbird, and now for you and me - chicken. It was a poor man's salad, very quick to prepare and unassuming in composition. They didn't care what kind of salad or cheese they had. And the game went there only if it was. Sometimes I even think that perhaps Cardini didn’t invent a thing for a park on Independence Day, but made a salad out of leftover food, which he knew about from his Italian dad or grandfather. However, it was bad news to admit that his family ate such beggarly dishes. In Italy, this is not restaurant cuisine.

Before starting the preparation of the rest, set the soft-boiled egg to boil (3-5 minutes).

Wash the salad and tear it with our hands into pieces that can easily be pricked on a fork and stuffed into your mouth. Absolutely any salad, generally without restrictions on grade. At least a mixture of salads.

Roasting or specially drying salad croutons? Aha, schaz! … We just take stale dry white bread or a flat cake, break it or crush it with a knife - here are some crackers from our Giuseppe.

We tear the chicken into fibers with our hands. Who has a thrush - there is nothing to vomit, in general. The quail can be torn: legs - separately, wings - separately, carcass - into 2 parts.

Grate Parmesan? Parmesan? Haha three times! What kind of cheese they ate! Well, okay, I just have a remnant of Parmesan, let's get some Parmesan. Only we won't rub it. Good people, I'm not sure that all Orzano in the thirties of the twentieth century had at least one grater! Well, maybe in what helluva lot of rich houses. Therefore, we simply cut or break any cheese that comes to hand. Pieces of absolutely arbitrary configuration.

The Giuseppe salad dressing had two must-have ingredients - olive oil and salt. He personally did not eat pepper, because he was not used to it (it was expensive during his childhood), but everyone else in the family loved this Italian Caesar with chicken and pepper more. There must also have been something for acid. No Worcester sauces! Balsamic, lemon juice or regular vinegar (not essence, but apple or wine). Any component from this trinity, whatever - and order.

Well, I hope your egg is already ready too? Roll the egg well with cold water, gently crush the shell on all sides, remove the egg on a plate and knead it with a fork into several pieces. The egg should be soft-boiled, not in a bag.

Pour the egg over the salad. Protein - in pieces, yolk - sauce. That's it, the Italian Caesar salad with chicken is ready!

Tasty - awesome, no worse than the renowned American version.

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