Puff Salad With Trout, Recipe With Photo

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Puff Salad With Trout, Recipe With Photo
Puff Salad With Trout, Recipe With Photo

Video: Puff Salad With Trout, Recipe With Photo

Video: Puff Salad With Trout, Recipe With Photo
Video: Smoked Trout Salad with Basil Oil Vinaigrette 2023, April


Smoked trout - 120 grams;

Boiled potatoes - 2 pcs;

Purple onion - 0.5 pcs;

Iceberg lettuce - 40 grams;

Tomato - 1 pc;

Sweet pepper - 0.5 pcs;

Bread - 1.5 slices.


Olive oil - 2 tablespoons;

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l;

Mustard -0.5. tsp;



  • 138 kcal
  • 50 minutes
  • 50 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

I propose to prepare this simple salad for the New Year's holiday, it looks very advantageous on the festive table. It can be made in portions, or you can serve it on a common dish. Then the dishes need to be laid out from the inside with cling film and the ingredients are placed in a deep salad bowl in the reverse order. Instead of sweet pepper, a cucumber can definitely do. For dressing, the simplest oil will do, but I took olive oil with basil.

We need the following products: dried bread, boiled potatoes, smoked trout, tomato, iceberg lettuce, onion, mustard, oil, lemon juice, half a sweet pepper or cucumber.

Bread, black is best, but I only had white, cut into very small strips. For easier slicing, the bread must be dried.

Prepare the dressing. To do this, mix all the ingredients for her. Be sure to salt and add a pinch of sugar. The dressing should suit you absolutely according to your taste.

Cut all vegetables very finely. Rinse the onion with water and drizzle with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Chop the boiled potatoes into small cubes or straws. It is better not to grate everything, but to cut it by hand.

Lay the ingredients in layers in a special cutting mold. I took such an impromptu, homemade bottomless form. I repeat that you can take a deep salad bowl, lay it out with cling film and put the components in the reverse order. Then refrigerate and turn over. In this case, everything is laid out in this order … Put slices of chopped bread on the bottom of the plate, tamp, pour with dressing.

Next, put the acidified onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers. Each layer must be tamped, lightly sprinkled with salt, if necessary, and watered with dressing.

Then a layer of iceberg lettuce and fish. Arrange the pieces of fish with ribbons at random. Free the salad from the mold.

Decorate with herbs and serve. Enjoy your meal!

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