Russian Blizzard Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Russian Blizzard Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Russian Blizzard Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Russian Blizzard Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Russian Blizzard Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: Russian layered salad / Mimosa salad / Chana's Creations 2023, March

Russian Blizzard salad is a beautiful festive salad for winter celebrations. It is interesting both for its unusual appearance and composition.


Daikon - 1 pc.

Crab sticks - 200 g

Sour cream - 100 g

Salt to taste

Red cabbage - 4 leaves

Boiling water - 500 ml

Ice water - 150 ml

  • 52 kcal
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Everything about the "Russian Blizzard" salad is unusual: the color, the decor, and the composition of the products. And nevertheless, he is not some kind of dish that is made solely for the sake of color and decor, but a very tasty salad with an interesting consistency. Despite the fact that it looks smooth and soft, when you chew the "Russian blizzard", it will crunch slightly.

The ingredients are mostly basic: daikon and crab sticks. Dressing - sour cream and salt to taste. For painting, I took red cabbage, but if suddenly you just don't have cabbage, but you have blue food coloring, then use it. You will need two different types of water: boiling water - about half a liter, and very cold (ideally - which was in the refrigerator) - a small bowl into which the blanks will fit.

What is not elementary in this salad is the accessories for making decor. Ideally, you need snowflake cookie cutters and a Korean carrot grater. You can replace them with star-shaped molds and any other kind of special knives that can actually cut thin strips. If someone wants to, well, ooooooochen, then really cut all the same with a knife, but it hurts too long and laborious. But in the presence of molds and a grater, cutting out the decor takes only 5 minutes.

The first step is to cut out several thin washers from the thickest place of the daikon, from which we will actually cut snowflakes. Half a liter of water can already be boiled.

We clean the daikon, cut out several long strips with a grater for Korean carrots (literally shuffle 2-3 times).

I slightly tore the leaves of red cabbage, poured boiling water over them and turned them with a blender so that they would give more dye into the water when crushed. If you don't have a blender, you can chop the leaves into small pieces, pour over them with salt and then pour boiling water over them. In any case, this is how we make the natural dye.

Three peeled daikon on a fine grater. Drain excess water.

Fill the grated daikon with purple HOT water, after having drained the cabbage leaves from it. They are no longer needed. Daikon thus simultaneously dyes and loses bitterness, and acquires a rather unusual consistency.

We cut off the red part of the crab sticks (it will no longer participate in this salad, look for another use for it), the white part - finely chop it into dust.

Drain the purple water from the daikon. We squeeze it out properly.

Mix chopped crab sticks, daikon, sour cream and salt.

We tamp the salad into some kind of domed bowl, the shape of which the salad will take completely or almost completely. From this bowl, we will plant it on a serving dish.

Cut out snowflakes from daikon plates (well, or there are stars).

Place the snowflakes and straws cut at the beginning with a Korean carrot grater in a bowl of ice water and keep there until serving. If it is still a long time before serving, then we must keep the decor in the refrigerator. Salad, I think, does not care.

Before serving, place a serving dish on the bowl containing the salad.

Pressing the bowl against the dish, turn them over and plant the salad.

We decorate the salad with thin "wind" stripes and snowflakes. Russian Blizzard salad is ready.

We put on the festive table!

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