Zimushka Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Zimushka Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Zimushka Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Zimushka Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Zimushka Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: Салат «Зимушка» — праздничный салат с отменным вкусом 2023, March

New Year's salad "Zimushka" - decoration of the festive table. Will be the ideal guest of the festive table for the New Year of the Pig 2019.


For the salad:

Boiled chicken breast - 400 g

Boiled eggs - 2-3 pcs.

Boiled potatoes - 2 pcs.

Pickled mushrooms to taste

Onions - 1 head

Hard cheese - 60 g

Provencal mayonnaise - to taste

Salt to taste

Croutons - for "decor"

Clove inflorescence - eyes, pens

Peppercorns - buttons

Greens and berries - optional for "decor"

  • 231 kcal
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Who's knocking on the door? Open the gate! Our Zimushka-Winter is coming to us on a snow sled!

OK. Impromptu impromptu, and I want to eat on New Year's Eve not only delicious, but also beautiful. Zimushka salad will be an ideal guest of the 2019 festive table.

Delicate, hearty homemade salad with chicken and pickled mushrooms is good for both ladies and gentlemen. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of conjuring up the decoration of the dish. I have a funny snowman. However, no matter what drawing you model on a salad cap - your loved ones will certainly appreciate it.

Take products for the Zimushka salad from the list. Choose the ingredients for decoration at your discretion. I made a snowman from chicken yolk with cheese and mayonnaise. Eyes and pens - a clove, a nose - a carrot, buttons - black pepper, a hat - a fungus.

So, the recipe for the Zimushka puff salad. We will spread the salad directly onto a serving platter. A medium-sized flat decorative plate is ideal.

The first main layer is boiled chicken breast. The fillet was boiled without skin in salted water. Then chopped into small pieces. Carefully distribute the chicken in the center of the plate, without stepping over the edge.

Next is a layer of mayonnaise.

The second main layer is pickled mushrooms. Chop large mushrooms with a knife, well, and tiny ones can be distributed over the chicken as it is.

The mushroom layer is covered with a thin layer of chopped onions. Chop the onion into small cubes or thin strips. The salad should turn out to be tender, so we will have a minimum of onions in it.

Grease the onion with mayonnaise. To make the salad airy, apply mayonnaise through a pastry bag or using a bag with a hole.

The next layer is boiled potato cubes. The potatoes were cooked in their skins, which means that the layer of potatoes will have to be lightly salted. Spread the potatoes carefully, creating a clear square shape.

Apply some mayonnaise sauce again.

It remains for our New Year salad "Zimushka" to organize only the top festive layer and add decor. The middle of the top is grated cheese.

Edges and sides are grated chicken proteins. Actually, the main salad is ready!

For me, the most positive and intriguing part in making my favorite salad is “decorating”. From grated yolk, cheese and mayonnaise, I rolled balls and formed a snowman. Has brought it to recognition with the help of ingredients for decoration. I almost forgot to give the snowman a level position! Something he bent slightly in a curtsy.

A little croutons, curly parsley and viburnum berries - for brightness. Ale - gop! The snowman on duty celebrates the New Year!

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