Yin-Yang Salad With Prunes, Recipe With Photo

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Yin-Yang Salad With Prunes, Recipe With Photo
Yin-Yang Salad With Prunes, Recipe With Photo

Video: Yin-Yang Salad With Prunes, Recipe With Photo

Video: Yin-Yang Salad With Prunes, Recipe With Photo


Chicken fillet - 300 grams;

Chicken egg - 6 pcs;

Fresh cucumber - 2 pcs;

Prunes - 150 grams;

Hard cheese - 100 grams;

Mayonnaise - 100 ml;

Salt - 0.5 tsp.

  • 217 kcal
  • 1 h. 30 min.
  • 1 h. 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Puff salads are often decorated with the most intricate patterns, themed decorations are made, primarily because it is very convenient to work with a smooth, even surface. Therefore, flaky salads on the table often attract a lot of attention, and besides, everyone is interested - if such beauty is outside, then what is there, under the "hat"?

The Yin-Yang salad is not so named by chance, because it is designed in the form of a well-known symbol, meaning the union of male and female principles, heaven and earth, fire and water. For a delicious, hearty salad, we need chicken eggs, cheese, cucumber, chicken fillet, mayonnaise, salt and prunes. Prunes need to be soaked in warm water beforehand so that they are soft.

Chicken eggs must be boiled hard-boiled, cooled in cold water, peeled and finely grated - the yolks are in a separate bowl without mixing with the proteins.

Chicken fillet should be boiled in salted water. Allow to cool and cut into small cubes.

Now take a flat-bottomed dish and lay out the chopped chicken fillet in a thin layer. This layer should be greased with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Then wash the fresh cucumber. If the skin is too tough, you can cut it off with a vegetable peeler. Next, we check the cucumber for bitterness, and cut it into small pieces, for example, into cubes. Put it on top of the fillet, add a layer of mayonnaise.

Now it's the turn of the grated chicken yolks. We spread them on cucumbers and coat with mayonnaise. Since this is quite inconvenient to do, you can mix the yolks with mayonnaise in a separate container, and then put the egg paste on top of the cucumbers.

Three hard cheese on a fine grater, put on the yolks and make a net of mayonnaise. Draw a drawing on the cheese layer with a toothpick, according to which we will lay out the following ingredients.

Put the grated egg white on one half.

Put finely chopped prunes on the second half of the salad. It remains to let the salad brew for several hours (2-3 will be enough).

A beautiful, delicious Yin-Yang salad with prunes is ready!

Enjoy your meal!

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