Georgian Salad With Nut Dressing - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Georgian Salad With Nut Dressing - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Georgian Salad With Nut Dressing - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

The recipe for a classic Georgian salad with nut dressing.


Large tomato - 1 pc.

Cucumber - 1 pc.

Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.

Walnuts - 30 g

Apple cider vinegar (white wine) - 2-3 tbsp

Water - 1 tbsp.

Red onion - 1 pc.

Hot pepper - to taste

Salt to taste

Ch.m. pepper - taste

Leaf salad - 20 g

Cilantro - 10 g

Garlic - optional

  • 58 kcal
  • 15 minutes.
  • 5 minutes.
  • 20 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Today we will prepare the traditional version of the Georgian salad "Glekhurad". It is in this form that it is most often served in Georgian cafes to barbecue or any other meat cooked on coals. Please note that in this version of the salad there is no oil dressing, it will be a dressing of grated walnuts. If there is no apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar in the house, you can replace them with lemon juice, but you do not need to add the usual 9% vinegar, it will spoil the taste of the salad. And of course, if you really can't stand cilantro, you can also not add it, but its taste and aroma will make the salad richer.

Prepare all the ingredients you need for Georgian salad with nut dressing. Wash vegetables and herbs, dry with paper towels.

Tear the salad with your hands, put it on a serving dish.

Cut the tomato and cucumber into large slices, so the salad will look better on the plate and will not let the juice out for a long time. Place them on a lettuce.

Cut the bell pepper into a thin block, the red onion into rings.

Cut hot peppers as you like, remove the seeds. Add to salad.

Now let's prepare the dressing. Put the walnuts slightly dried in the oven in a mortar.

Rub them with a pestle to release the nut butter.

Add chopped cilantro, rub together with nuts into gruel.

Add vinegar and a little water, add a little salt, pepper the dressing, stir. If there is Svan salt, it will generally be great to add it.

Spoon the nut dressing over the salad. Do not stir the salad before serving.

Georgian salad with nut dressing is ready, enjoy!

Garnish with cilantro leaves and serve.

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