Chicken Stomach Salad, Recipe With Photo

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Chicken Stomach Salad, Recipe With Photo
Chicken Stomach Salad, Recipe With Photo

Video: Chicken Stomach Salad, Recipe With Photo

Video: Chicken Stomach Salad, Recipe With Photo
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A very healthy and tasty salad of chicken stomachs, carrots, fresh cabbage and cucumber. A nutritious meal for dieters.


Chicken stomachs - 300 g

White cabbage - 160 g

Carrots - 100 g

Cucumber - 190 g

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper - to taste

Sunflower oil - to taste

Lemon juice to taste

  • 92 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Not a single dining table is complete without a delicious salad. I propose to diversify lunch or dinner and prepare a salad of chicken stomachs. It is not difficult to prepare it and even very quickly, if you do not take into account the cooking time of the stomachs. A hearty appetizing salad will be appreciated by all your household members. Ready salad can be seasoned with both sunflower oil and mayonnaise. This is for your taste.

Take these foods.

Rinse all vegetables and dry, if necessary, peel. Rinse chicken stomachs, peel and cook until tender. Cut the cabbage into thin strips.

Grate the carrots on a coarse grater, add to the cabbage. Add a little salt and stir.

Cut the cucumber into arbitrary small pieces. Add to salad plate.

Cool the boiled chicken stomachs and cut into arbitrary pieces. Mix with all ingredients. Season with spices. Season with sunflower oil and lemon juice or mayonnaise.

Chicken gizzard salad is ready to eat.

Enjoy your meal!