Tomato Salsa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Tomato Salsa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Tomato Salsa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tomato Salsa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tomato Salsa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
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The recipe for a traditional Mexican sauce.


Tomato - 2 pcs.

Salad onion - 40 g

Garlic - 1-2 cloves

Cilantro - 20 g

Hot pepper - to taste

Sea salt - to taste

Ch.m. pepper - taste

Olive oil - 2 tablespoons

Lime juice - 0.5 pcs.

  • 84 kcal
  • 15 minutes.
  • 5 minutes.
  • 20 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

In Mexican cuisine, there are two types of tomato salsa, popular all over the world - salsa roja, which is cooked from tomatillo, that is, vegetable physalis, and pico de gallo, which is served raw as a snack for nachos, tortilla, tacos, etc., as well as meat and fish. It is also very tasty to dry a couple of slices of bread and serve tomato salsa like crostini or bruschetta.

We will prepare the necessary products according to the list. Peel the onion and garlic, wash with cilantro and tomatoes under running water, dry. Take fleshy and fragrant tomatoes. Ideal for this recipe are the Mikado or Prima Donna varieties. Unlike the green salsa verde sauce, for the red one is chopped by hand.

Chop the cilantro and white salad onions with a sharp knife as finely as you can.

Place the chopped ingredients in a deep bowl.

Pass the garlic through a press or grate on the finest grater.

Cut the tomatoes lengthwise into four parts, remove all seeds, chop the pulp into small cubes, transfer to a bowl.

Squeeze out the juice of half a lime, add sea salt, ground pepper to taste, season with good quality olive oil.

Stir all the ingredients, let stand for a few minutes before serving to exchange flavors and aromas.

Tomato salsa is served immediately after cooking, since the tomatoes will release juice after a while and the sauce will not be stored for a long time, you need to eat it quickly enough.

The tomato salsa bruschetta is simply amazing. Enjoy!