Salad "White Bim, Black Ear" - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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Salad "White Bim, Black Ear" - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Salad "White Bim, Black Ear" - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

For the New Year's table, such a salad will become a real decoration. The combination of simple ingredients will make it a real highlight of the program!


Chicken fillet - 200 g

Champignons - 6-7 pcs.

Bulb onions - 1 pc.

Chicken eggs - 2-3 pcs.

Olives - 1 handful

Pickled cucumbers - 100 g

Mayonnaise - 50 ml

Frying oil - 2 tablespoons

  • 121 kcal
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

On the eve of the New Year, I usually conduct "rehearsals" of the festive table, namely, prepare the salads I like to determine if they are suitable for the most important holiday of the year. Of course, I want to surprise my guests not only with delicious dishes, such as salads, but also with an original appearance, for example, in the form of the symbol of the Year. It turned out to be very simple to make the White Bim, Black Ear salad in the form of a dog. And even if your hands often do what they want, and the most beautiful salads in your head look really funny, then you will definitely get the perfect dog.

Prepare the ingredients on the list so you don't miss anything. All ingredients are in perfect harmony with each other, so the salad will turn out delicious.

There are several ways to handle chicken fillet. The easiest way is to boil it in salted water with spices. You can also cut it into two thin layers and fry it like chops, having previously salted and sprinkled with spices. Cut the finished chops into pieces.

Take a suitable dish and place the chicken pieces on top of it to shape the dog's face. Brush lightly with mayonnaise.

Wash the mushrooms and cut into small cubes. Remove the husk from the onion, chop finely. Heat oil for frying in a frying pan and send mushrooms and onions into it to fry over low heat. Stirring, you need to fry for about 7 minutes. You can slightly salt. Make sure that the mushrooms and onions do not burn or dry out.

Cut the pickled or pickled cucumbers into small cubes, put on top of the chicken layer.

Put the fried mushrooms with onions on top of a layer of cucumbers, flatten so that the shape of the dog's face is preserved.

Now grease everything with mayonnaise, gently distributing it over the entire surface of the salad.

Hard-boiled chicken eggs, peel and separate the whites from the yolks. Grate the proteins on a fine grater.

Place the egg whites on top of the mushroom layer. This layer will be final, then you just need to decorate the salad.

Chop the olives finely and lay out one ear. Use the grated yolks to make another ear. Make the eyes, nose and eyebrows from olives as well. The tongue can be made from a slice of carrot, tomato, or bell pepper.

Let the salad sit for 50-60 minutes before serving. New Year's salad "White Bim, black ear" is ready!

Bon appetit and happy holidays!

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