"Chanterelle" Salad With Korean Carrots - Recipe With Photo

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"Chanterelle" Salad With Korean Carrots - Recipe With Photo
"Chanterelle" Salad With Korean Carrots - Recipe With Photo

Video: "Chanterelle" Salad With Korean Carrots - Recipe With Photo

Video: "Chanterelle" Salad With Korean Carrots - Recipe With Photo
Video: Салат "Лисичка" с корейской морковкой./Delicious meat salad. 2023, March

A simple, but very tasty and bright salad with chicken breast, Korean carrots and pickled cucumbers will decorate any festive feast.


Korean carrots - 200 g

Boiled chicken breast - 300 g

Green radish or daikon - 150 g

Purple onion - 1 pc.

Pickled cucumbers (small) - 2 pcs.

Mayonnaise - to taste

  • 106 kcal
  • 20 minutes.
  • 20 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

There are a lot of salads with Korean carrots, but I especially like the combination of Korean carrots and green radish, it is delicious and very juicy. Such a salad is good as an independent dish, or it can be served as an appetizer to the festive table.

I prefer to cook Korean carrots myself and add spices to my taste. The salad contains pickled cucumbers, and the carrots are spicy, which is why I neither salt nor pepper the salad.

So, for the preparation of the Chanterelle salad with Korean carrots, we will take the following products: Korean carrots, daikon or green radish, boiled chicken breast, blue onions, pickled cucumber and a little mayonnaise.

We will cut all the ingredients on a grater for Korean carrots, and the radish comes first.

Then - pickled cucumbers.

Cut some blue onions into strips.

Cut the boiled chicken breast into small pieces.

Add Korean-style carrots.

Mix the salad. He's almost ready.

We will serve the Chanterelle salad with Korean carrots in portioned salad bowls. We will not interfere with mayonnaise, but put it on top of the salad. Let everyone mix the salad by themselves when they eat.

The salad is very light, juicy and crispy. Enjoy your meal.

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