Dream Salad - Recipe With Photo And Video

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Dream Salad - Recipe With Photo And Video
Dream Salad - Recipe With Photo And Video

Video: Dream Salad - Recipe With Photo And Video

Video: Dream Salad - Recipe With Photo And Video
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Delicious salad with crab sticks and red fish, perfect for a festive table.


Crab sticks - 100 g

Fresh red fish fillet - 120 g

Canned corn - 6 tablespoons

Golden rice - 1/2 cup

Fresh medium cucumber - 1 pc.

Apple - 1 pc.

Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons

Salt to taste

  • 199 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Video recipe: Salad "Dream"

Step by step recipe with photos and videos

Friends, today I want to share a recipe for a delicious "Dream" salad, I tried it 9 years ago at my brother's wedding. I really liked him then, I thought of repeating everything at home, but I forgot about him. The other day I found a menu from a wedding, saw this salad and immediately wanted to repeat it (it's good that the composition is written in the menu, and I remember about the number of products). The salad is very easy to prepare, it will look great on a festive table, it looks bright and appetizing. By the way, you can add fresh dill, it will decorate the taste and appearance of the salad.

So, prepare all the necessary foods and start cooking.

First, cook the rice according to the instructions on the package, cool it down and place it in a salad bowl.

Add canned corn.

Wash, dry and cut a fresh cucumber, preferably smaller.

Peel the apple, remove the core and cut into smaller pieces.

Cut the crab sticks and red fish into small pieces.

Season with mayonnaise, salt if desired, but do not forget that the fish is salted.

Stir and serve immediately - the Dream salad is ready.

Enjoy your meal!

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