Franconian Potato Salad - Recipe With Photo

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Franconian Potato Salad - Recipe With Photo
Franconian Potato Salad - Recipe With Photo

Video: Franconian Potato Salad - Recipe With Photo

Video: Franconian Potato Salad - Recipe With Photo
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Boiled potatoes in uniforms - 500 g

Broth - 125 ml

White wine vinegar - 2 tablespoons

Onions - 20 g

Granulated sugar - 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper - to taste

Mustard - on the tip of a teaspoon

  • 66 kcal
  • 1 h. 30 min.
  • 1 h. 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Potato salad is a recipe that can be played up endlessly. However, I think this option is still the most potato one imaginable. Because there is no other main component in it, except for potatoes. Potatoes, and everything else is marinade and seasonings.

Another fact in his favor is that this is a very budget recipe. Almost all of its ingredients are always at hand for any housewife. In the version that I will give now, it will also be a lean potato salad. Although, to be honest, its prototype is a modest dish.

So, it's time to lift the veil of secrecy over the prototype of this recipe. I think many potato lovers have heard of such a culinary legend as "classic German potato salad." Legend - it’s a legend and there is no such salad in reality: in different parts of Germany, potato salad is prepared in completely different ways. Well, this particular recipe comes from Franconia (the part of Bavaria where Nuremberg is the capital). In Franconia itself, of course, this dish is simply called "potato salad", and outside of it - "Franconian potato salad". Its typical characteristics: it is made from one potato, without other visible additions; it contains a small amount of onions; and the dressing must be broth, vegetable oil and vinegar.

Well, now let's talk about the intricacies of ingredient ratios and cooking features.

For potato salad according to this recipe, it is optimal to use potatoes boiled in uniforms and completely cooled. Ideally, potatoes are cooked the day before the salad is prepared. Well, and, accordingly, it is convenient to attach existing leftovers to this dish. For half a kilo of potatoes (the weight of already boiled) there is half a small onion (both white and red onions are allowed), a maximum of 125 ml of broth, 2-3 tbsp. white wine or apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.

Depending on whether you want to get a lean or smooth recipe, the broth is taken with vegetable or meat, and it is permissible to replace vegetable oil with lard and cracklings. A categorically unhealthy, but, I think, option quite suitable for students and other lovers of cheap and fast food - broth can be made from a bouillon cube. Salt and black pepper are used generously, sugar - a couple of pinches. The secret ingredient is a bit of mustard. It is optional, but it improves the taste. Franconian potato salad is sometimes sprinkled with chives.

What to do if there are no chilled potatoes in their uniforms? You can take a hot one, you just can't cut it so thinly, and the appearance will be different. I like the cold consistency better.

We peel cold potatoes in uniforms and three of them on a julienne grater. In principle, you can slice thinly, but grate - faster: 500 gr. potatoes are crushed in this way in 2 minutes.

Heat the potatoes to hot (in the microwave - 2 minutes at 800 W), at this time chop the onions as finely as possible.

We connect all the other components, except for potatoes, stir and heat them up to hot (in the microwave - 1 minute at 800 W).

Pour hot, thinly sliced potatoes with hot dressing. Stir thoroughly and set to marinate for at least half an hour.

Franconian potato salad can be eaten warm, completely cold, or reheated. I guess no one will be surprised that this is a classic beer snack? It goes well with meat dishes - all sorts of fried and boiled sausages or the famous baked shank; but vegetarians happily eat this salad with the addition of leafy and vegetables.

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