"Winter" Salad With Sausage - A Classic Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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"Winter" Salad With Sausage - A Classic Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
"Winter" Salad With Sausage - A Classic Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: "Winter" Salad With Sausage - A Classic Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: "Winter" Salad With Sausage - A Classic Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Video: Winter salad classical 2023, March

A version of the salad made from boiled vegetables and boiled sausages, which is popular in the family menu and in the Soviet public catering.


Potatoes - 220 g

Sausage - 180 g

Egg - 100 g

Carrots - 60 g optional

Canned cucumber - 76 g

Canned peas - 68 g

Onions - 24 g

Mayonnaise "Provencal" - 120 g

Fresh greens - optional for serving

Salt - 4 g

  • 190 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

In the technical cards of the Soviet public catering there were two types of "Winter" salad: one - purely from boiled vegetables available in winter, and the second - with the addition of boiled sausage without fat, for example, "doctor's". According to its composition, it is almost familiar to many "Olivier" in Soviet style, and in order not to confuse the exquisite real "Olivier", which with poultry meat and crayfish tails, with this rather unpretentious salad, the name "Winter" appeared.

The salad is always easily recognizable by its appearance, the ingredients for it are cut into cubes. There are special devices for even cutting, especially on an industrial scale.

To prepare "Winter" sausage salad according to the classic recipe, prepare the ingredients according to the list. I have given the amount in exact grams of one of the general food recipes for four servings, but I think that there is nothing wrong with rounding, or rather, using the desired amount of potatoes, carrots and other ingredients available. For example, I like it when there are more green peas and less mayonnaise … Canned cucumber can be pickled or salted.

Carrots and potatoes must be pre-cooked in their skins; this can be done in a saucepan in water or steamed. In principle, you can buy it in cooking … I like it more - steamed, because the taste, for my taste, is better. In addition, it is advisable to cook vegetables separately from each other, and this takes up extra pots and space on the stove.

For medium-sized potatoes and large carrots, it took 25 minutes in a multicooker on steaming.

Eggs need to be boiled and chilled.

When all the ingredients are ready for use, the first step is to cut the cucumbers into cubes and put them in a sieve or colander to drain excess liquid. It can spoil the salad, giving it an overly salty taste and an unpleasant wet consistency.

Peel and dice the cooled potatoes "in their skins".

Do the same with carrots.

Cut the boiled sausage and eggs into approximately the same cube.

Drain the liquid from the canned green peas. Chop the onion very finely.

Combine all ingredients together and refrigerate until serving. Season the salad with mayonnaise before serving and let the eaters salt their portions to taste.

The "Winter" salad with sausage according to the classic recipe is ready. He has many fans, for example, children almost always eat it willingly and prefer many more refined salads on the festive table … Sausage "Winter" - simple, hearty and harmonious in taste. It looks even more appetizing, decorated with fresh herbs.

Enjoy your meal!

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