Tuna And Celery Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Tuna And Celery Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Tuna And Celery Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tuna And Celery Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tuna And Celery Salad - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: BEST TUNA SALAD RECIPE | easy & healthy 2023, March

Tuna Celery Salad is a quick and easy lean salad that's easy to make in advance.


Tuna in its own juice - 1 tablespoon

Salad mix (iceberg, lettuce, chicory) - 12 g

Carrots - 5 g

Beets - 5 g

Cucumber - 10 g

Celery - 5 g

Olive - 1 pc.

Lemon - 1/8

Salt, pepper, vegetable oil - to taste

  • 49 kcal
  • 7 minutes
  • 7 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Salad with tuna and celery is just a godsend for fasting, vegetarians and those who need to prepare a light and beautiful salad for future use. Besides, it contains a lot of vitamins. And I tried it in heaven! Even literally, not figuratively!

Do you love aviation menus? Personally, I really appreciate them: honestly, I often come across good, simple and tasty ideas for cheap dishes. Well, not lobsters are fed economy class passengers, agree! Airlines are very interested in the minimum price level. Another serious plus of the salads served on the plane is that their recipes are thought out so that the products in the ready-made salad mixture can lie in containers for several hours without losing their presentable appearance.

On my last flight, I got the idea for this tuna and celery salad. The taste is not bored yet, the appearance is very elegant.

I do not pretend to be absolutely accurate in terms of the ratio and weight of ingredients, I just want to show the concept itself, so to speak. I give food for one small portion, like on an airplane. I will even make these salads in airplane bowls, but not Aeroflot, but Qatar Airways. If anyone cares if I'm not tying dishes on the plane - no, not tyryu, I ask the flight attendants.

First, we prepare all the ingredients.

Knead the tuna with a fork.

We clean and cut the carrots into thin strips.

We clean and cut the beets into thin strips.

Cut the cucumber into semicircles.

We cut the celery into washers.

Cut the lemon into eighths.

The order of assembly of this salad is not arbitrary, it comes in layers. Put carrots and beets down the portioned bowls.

Then comes a layer of salad mix.

Then put a spoonful of mashed tuna, lemon wedge, olive and celery.

And now all this can be stored until serving, either in plastic containers, or tightly wrapped. Arugula and roots, which deteriorate at the moment, are not in this mixture, it contains only elastic, well-stored salads.

Accordingly, before use, each passenger (guest) independently pours oil on the salad, salt and pepper it.

Well, you know, everyone else pours lemon juice on their own portion of the tuna and celery salad, but I'll leave the lemons intact for the time being.

Important additions to the recipe

Icebergs, lettuce, and chicory are types of salads that can be kept cold and covered in film, sliced for several hours - just don't season them.

  • The ingredients in this salad are selected so that they do not oxidize or darken.

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