Salad With Red Fish And Tomatoes - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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Salad With Red Fish And Tomatoes - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Salad With Red Fish And Tomatoes - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: Salad With Red Fish And Tomatoes - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: Salad With Red Fish And Tomatoes - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Video: Easy and Healthy Pan Fried Fish Fillet/ Red snapper/ with Tomato and cumber salad 2023, April

Red Fish Tomato Salad - A quick lean salad with a funny story.


Canned red fish - 1 pc.

Tomatoes - 3 pcs.

Capers or pickled cucumber - 1 tablespoon

Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon

Salt, pepper, fresh herbs - to taste

  • 78 kcal
  • 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

The salad with red fish and tomatoes itself is a dish so elementary that there is absolutely nothing to talk about it - in my opinion, everything is clear from the name. Moreover, this recipe really does not have any mandatory components, except for some (any!) Canned food from red fish and tomatoes. Therefore, I will tell you the story of how the salad with red fish and tomatoes made it onto my menu.

It was in the mid-nineties. In general, in the last century and in shaggy antiquity. I came to Moscow to dress up and stay with my beloved aunt (yes, then I still had to go somewhere specially for fashionable things). And my aunt, a woman gastronomically very savvy and keeping up with new products, decided to pamper me and take me to the Patio-Pizza restaurant on Tverskaya (yes, back then, Patio Pizza was so cool that it was located in the National Tverskoy). They had a real Italian chef there, real Italian food and pizza from a REAL WOOD FURNACE! And there was also a salad bar! Now everyone knows what a salad bar is, but then I saw it exactly for the first time in my life. But now we have come close to the topic. People, I don't remember anything else from the assortment of that salad bar, except for this salad,which sunk into my heart and struck me on the spot! Now I understand that it was a tomato salad with tuna - but at that moment I had not yet seen canned tuna and did not know that it was pink! So I decided it was a salad with red fish and tomatoes. Based on the fact that the fish was purely reddish in color, and not gray, like, say, the mackerel I was used to.

I don't remember what kind of pizza we ate there. I don't remember what we drank there. I remember a couple who ate a lobster (or rather, hid behind a vase of flowers and TRYED TO EAT a lobster), because neither one nor the other had any idea how to use all these tweezers and hooks, but they wanted lobster. And I also remember this salad. So you can consider it as my most vivid impression of one day of my life (along with the torture tools for cutting lobsters, I don't know what struck me more then).

What was so surprising about that? Yes, that for the first time in my life I saw a salad of fresh tomatoes and canned fish. I don't know how in the south, but in those parts where I come from, canned fish then went only to winter salads, i.e. combined with boiled potatoes and eggs. This is how my first acquaintance with Mediterranean cuisine took place (Soviet pizza does not count!). And, of course, I was not slow to change the dish, according to my capabilities and ideas. What you can safely do. For example, capers are excellently substituted for finely chopped pickles or chopped pickles. And where would I get capers in the mid-nineties? Yes, I didn't understand at all what kind of curiosity it was! When I reproduced a salad at home, I was guided purely by taste. And now, for example, I have nowhere to get pickled cucumbers. So let's use what who has, is it logical?

Cut the tomatoes into slices.

If the canned food is in its own juice, then most of the juice will have to be drained. If in oil, leave the oil, and do not take vegetable. Mash the fish with a fork.

We combine everything, season, butter.

Mix and serve. Salad with red fish and tomatoes is ready for tasting.

Well, did you do it in five minutes?

Enjoy your meal!

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