Arabic Pink Tomato Salad Soup, Recipe With Photo

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Arabic Pink Tomato Salad Soup, Recipe With Photo
Arabic Pink Tomato Salad Soup, Recipe With Photo

Video: Arabic Pink Tomato Salad Soup, Recipe With Photo

Video: Arabic Pink Tomato Salad Soup, Recipe With Photo
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Pink tomatoes - 4 pcs.

Bulb onions - 1 pc.

Olive oil - 100 ml

Lemon juice - 4 tablespoons

Salt to taste

Ice water - 100 ml

Ground black pepper - 1 tsp


Garlic - 2 cloves

Fresh chili pepper - 1/2 pod

Mint leaf - 1 sprig

  • 140 kcal
  • 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

What could be better than a light refreshing dinner on particularly hot days? In the Arab countries they know a lot about this. When I first saw how such a soup-salad was prepared (even the name itself was somewhat strange for me), I was in complete distrust of what would come of it all.

A young Arab girl who was preparing this dish for a large family, smiling and telling me a story, vigorously kneaded pink tomatoes in a huge bowl with her hands. Then I immediately remembered my childhood and the words of my mother, giving recommendations when I made a salad: "Cut the tomatoes evenly, don't make porridge out of them!" And here is such a sight.

All my distrust vanished when I, sitting on the floor like the Arab women, soaked with bread this simple but delicious Arab salad soup. Now this dish has firmly settled in our family with different interpretations, and it is this dish that often replaces us "Okroshka" - our analogue of soup-salad.

So, pink large fleshy tomatoes are ideal for this salad.

It doesn't matter how the tomatoes are cut, they still need to be crumpled with your hands.

The must-have salad ingredient is onion. I recommend chopping it finely.

The salad is dressed with plenty of olive oil and lemon juice.

And then we begin to crumple with our hands! I tried using a blender. He did his job perfectly in terms of grinding, but the salad was completely spoiled to taste. Therefore - only with your hands! Then pour in ice water, salt and add black pepper. Stir and the arabic pink tomato salad soup is ready.

I gave the basic recipe. Different families prepare Arabic pink tomato salad soup differently. Someone adds garlic, chili peppers, someone - chopped fresh mint leaves, and someone cuts a cucumber into insanely small cubes.

This salad is served as an independent dish with a lot of tortillas. The flatbreads are used as spoons. It turns out to be a rather hearty and tasty lunch.

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