Salmon Salad With Tomatoes, Recipe With Photo

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Salmon Salad With Tomatoes, Recipe With Photo
Salmon Salad With Tomatoes, Recipe With Photo


Salmon steak - 1 pc;

Potatoes - 3 pcs;

Tomato - 2 pcs;

Eggs - 2 pcs;

Onions - 1 pc;

The greens are different.

Marinade for fish:

Soy sauce - 2 tbsp l;

Liquid smoke - 0.5 tsp;

Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp;

Spices for fish;

Red pepper;

Lemon juice - 1-2 tbsp;

Salt - optional.




Lemon juice.

  • 143 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

This salad can be prepared with any red fish, preferably hot smoked. But in the absence of such, you can take raw fish, marinate and fry it before frying, sprinkling with a few drops of liquid smoke. This is not the first time I have been preparing this salad and it always goes off with a bang.

We need:

Boil potatoes and eggs until tender. Then clean up.

Free the salmon steak from skin and bones, marinate in soy sauce.

Soak the fish in the marinade for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into slices. Cut the onion into half rings and rinse with cold water to remove excess bitterness. Drizzle with lemon juice.

Cut the boiled potatoes and eggs into slices.

Fry the fish in a spoonful of vegetable oil. Then divide into pieces with a fork.

Put greens and tomatoes on a dish. Little onion.

Place potatoes and eggs neatly in free spaces.

Put pieces of fish on top and pour over the dressing.

Enjoy your meal!

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