Rustic Wedding Salad - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

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Rustic Wedding Salad - Recipe With Photos Step By Step
Rustic Wedding Salad - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

Video: Rustic Wedding Salad - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

Video: Rustic Wedding Salad - Recipe With Photos Step By Step
Video: Wedding Salads (shaadiyon walay salads) 2023, April

Hearty, juicy and delicious meat salad in a sweet and spicy marinade. Preparing is elementary.



Pork (shoulder) - 500 g

Salad onion (white or red) - 300 g

Greens (parsley) - 2 tablespoons


Water (cold boiled) - 50 ml

Sugar - 3 tablespoons (with a slide)

Vegetable oil (or olive) - 5 tablespoons

Wine vinegar (or apple cider) - 9 tablespoons

Ch.m. pepper - 0.5 tsp

Salt - 1.5 tsp

Chili pepper (dry, optional) - to taste

For boiling meat:

Onions - 1 medium head

Bay leaf - 2 pcs.

Allspice peas - 4-5 pcs.

Water - 1.4 l

Salt - at the rate of 1 tsp. for 1 liter

  • 141 kcal
  • 20 minutes.
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour 20 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

I found the recipe for this wonderful salad on one culinary site long ago. The author of the recipe, Lyudmila (beautiful woman), says that she was invited as a guest to a village wedding. This wonderful event was celebrated not in the restaurant, as is generally accepted, but in the courtyard of the house. The tables were full of food, and many of the dishes looked very simple and trite, but were very tasty. This salad turned out to be so simple in appearance, but very tasty, the recipe of which was published by Lyudmila, and now I offer it to you.

Of course, this salad can be prepared not only for a wedding, despite its name, but also for any holidays. And even on weekdays, you can please your family by making this salad. A rustic wedding salad is very easy to prepare. Let's start cooking?

Let's prepare products according to the list.

Boil the meat for the salad in advance. I've been doing this since the evening. In a saucepan filled with water, put a piece of meat, an onion head, 2 bay leaves and a few peas of allspice. We put the pan on the fire, bring it to a boil, reduce the heat and cook the pork (0.5 kg) for 60 minutes. Salt the broth 15 minutes before the end of cooking, at the rate of 1 tsp. salt per liter of water. Do not be afraid that the meat will be undersalted, it will add flavor when marinated. Leave the pork to cool in the broth. I leave it overnight.

Cut the salad onions (red or white) into rings using a knife or a special grater. Although you can cut into half rings or quarter rings, this will not affect the taste. But you can safely double the amount of onion, it turns out very tasty after pickling, it is eaten quite quickly. Add chopped parsley and mix gently.

Remove the boiled pork from the broth, dry it with paper napkins and cut into 1 cm thick cubes. Put the sliced meat in a bowl, cover with a lid or plate.

Cooking the marinade. Pour water, oil, vinegar into a container of a suitable size. Pour in salt, sugar and black pepper. Stir everything thoroughly. Chili pepper can be added to the marinade if desired.

Put a layer of onions with herbs in a container, then a layer of meat. Repeat layers until we run out of ingredients. Then fill the salad components with marinade and place the salad in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. From time to time, gently stir the salad so that all the ingredients are evenly marinated.

Before serving, put the salad in a salad bowl, and the marinade remaining in the container, in principle, is no longer needed. But just in case, you can leave it: if the salad is not eaten (although this is unlikely), then put the salad in this marinade again.

Delicious rustic wedding salad is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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