Turkey And Squid Salad, Recipe With Photo

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Turkey And Squid Salad, Recipe With Photo
Turkey And Squid Salad, Recipe With Photo

Video: Turkey And Squid Salad, Recipe With Photo

Video: Turkey And Squid Salad, Recipe With Photo
Video: Yummy Spicy Squid Salad Recipe - Squid Salad Cooking - Cooking With Sros 2023, March


Boiled turkey - 200 grams;

Squid - 200 grams;

Onions - 0.5 pieces;

Sugar - 1 teaspoon;

Vinegar - 1 tablespoon;

Egg - 3 pieces;

Mayonnaise - 4 tablespoons;

Salt to taste;

Ground black pepper - to taste.

  • 237 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

A very tasty and even festive salad can be made from boiled turkey and squid. These two products go well together, and with boiled eggs, which give velvety and pickled onions, which give spiciness, it is generally a wonderful dish.

So, we will need such products: boiled turkey, squid, onions, eggs, salt, sugar, vinegar, black pepper and mayonnaise.

First, pickle the onions. One small onion or half a large one will be enough. We clean, wash and cut into half rings. Put in a salad bowl, add sugar and vinegar.

Finely chop the boiled turkey. Put in a bowl.

We clean the squids from the mucous membrane and boil. To do this, bring the water to a boil and put squid in it. Cook for three to four minutes. Then chill and cut into strips.

The next ingredient in the salad is boiled eggs. They should also be finely chopped and added to the turkey and squid.

While we were chopping squid, eggs and turkey meat, the onions were pickled. We add it to the rest of the ingredients.

Salt and pepper the salad to taste. Season with mayonnaise or mayonnaise with sour cream.

Salad with squid and boiled turkey is ready. Serve on weekdays and holidays for a snack.

Enjoy your meal!

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