Teriyaki Sauce, Recipe With Photo

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Teriyaki Sauce, Recipe With Photo
Teriyaki Sauce, Recipe With Photo

Video: Teriyaki Sauce, Recipe With Photo

Video: Teriyaki Sauce, Recipe With Photo
Video: Easy Teriyaki Sauce Recipe - How to Make Teriyaki Sauce at Home 2023, November


Soy sauce - 100 ml

White wine - 50 ml

Dried ginger - 1 tsp

Garlic - 5 cloves

Brown sugar - 5 cubes

Starch - 1.5 tsp

Honey - 1 tsp

Water - 25 ml

  • 352 kcal
  • 5 minutes.
  • 5 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

For a long time, chefs, in order to improve the taste of a dish, used not only various spices, spices, herbs, but also began to prepare sauces. Sauce is a seasoning, it can be liquid or slightly thick, hot and cold, it is poured over a dish, or it is served separately in a gravy boat.

Sauces are prepared for meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Sauce is a very delicate seasoning - an unsuccessful component added to the sauce can completely ruin the already prepared dish seasoned with this sauce. Therefore, when preparing the sauce, we are attentive to the ingredients, we pay attention to the compatibility of products by taste. Sauces diversify and emphasize the taste of the dish, making it richer.

Cuisines around the world abound in a variety of different sauces. I have a few favorite sauces that I make quite often. Having once tasted it, it is very fond of our family - this is teriyaki sauce. He is originally from Japan and is very popular there. It takes very little time to prepare it, so it makes no sense to cook large quantities in advance, and even during storage, its taste changes slightly.

It is very good to marinate meat with teriyaki sauce, after a couple of hours it can already be cooked, and be sure that the meat will cook quickly and will be juicy and soft.

I know several recipes for making teriyaki sauce at home, but today I want to share a recipe for teriyaki sauce with honey. It just goes well with fried fish.

Ingredients for the sauce.

Pour soy sauce into a saucepan, add garlic squeezed through a press.

Pour in ground ginger. You can add grated fresh ginger root.

Add honey.

And brown sugar.

Add starch and stir everything well.

Put the saucepan over low heat and bring the mixture to a boil. Adjust the thickness of the sauce yourself. If you need a thinner sauce, add water.

Teriyaki sauce with honey is ready! Enjoy your meal!