Georgian Adjika, Recipe With Photo

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Georgian Adjika, Recipe With Photo
Georgian Adjika, Recipe With Photo

Video: Georgian Adjika, Recipe With Photo

Video: Georgian Adjika, Recipe With Photo
Video: АДЖИКА классическая, ГРУЗИНСКАЯ по МЕГРЕЛЬСКИЙ. Способ применения и ДОЗЫ. 2023, September


Hot pepper - 500 g

Garlic - 100-150 g

Peeled walnuts - 100 g

Cilantro - 1-2 bunches

Coriander - 1 tablespoon

Salt - 3 tablespoons

Optional / optional:

Dill - 10 g

Basil purple - 10 g

Parsley - to taste

Utskho-suneli - to taste

Hmeli-suneli - to taste

Savory - to taste

  • 280 kcal
  • 15 minutes.
  • 15 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Hot, spicy and aromatic Georgian adjika is a versatile and delicious homemade preparation. Due to the higher concentration of salt and hot pepper, Georgian adjika does not require preservation and can be stored in the refrigerator for months.

In the old days, "real Georgian adjika" was brought from a trip to Georgia by relatives and friends as a gift. Now supermarket showcases and market counters are full of various varieties of Georgian adjika, for every taste. But, of course, homemade Georgian adjika is always tastier. At least that's what my neighbor, who was born and raised in Tbilisi, told me. It never occurs to me to doubt her words - adjika is tastier than cooked according to her recipe, I have never tasted.

To clear my conscience, I still looked through dozens of pages on the Internet, shoveled through a bunch of forums and made sure that the only true adzhika recipe carved in stone does not exist. There are many options for making "real Georgian adjika", because every family has its own culinary secrets and tricks, and each option is beautiful and tasty in its own way.

Let's get started and prepare a fragrant and spicy Georgian adjika!

Prepare ingredients according to the list.

Also, do not forget to prepare and in the future work only with rubber gloves to protect your hands from scalding peppers.

Rinse the pepper, dry it and remove the seeds. If desired, the seeds can be left, but be prepared for the fact that in this case the adjika will be scalding like red-hot lava. Sometimes one sweet bell pepper is added to reduce the pungency while maintaining the volume, but this is an unconventional technique.

Grind the peppers as much as possible. Desirable until a homogeneous pasty state.

Drain the released juice.

Fry the nuts in a pan until a stable nutty flavor appears.

Chop the garlic, nuts, and cilantro. If you don't like cilantro, you can partially replace it by adding parsley. True, there is no special need for this, in the finished adjika cilantro is revealed from a completely new side, and even I, her ardent opponent, eat adjika with cilantro with pleasure. Also, sometimes a little dill and basil are added to adjika.

Combine ground pepper and nut-garlic paste.

Add salt and spices. Spices are perhaps one of the nuances of preparing adjika, which causes the most heated debate.

Here, as always, there are two camps - minimalists and maximalists. Minimalists believe that it is permissible to add only coriander from spices (in seeds or freshly ground), but what, in their opinion, it is not necessary to add nuts to adjika. The maximalists, on the other hand, believe that there are spices! And in addition to coriander, they also add utskho-suneli (fenugreek), hops-suneli, kondari (savory). In this matter, I am on the side of maximalists, I add a little of all of the above, but in principle this is a matter of taste.

Stir Adjika well with a wooden or plastic spoon. Leave at room temperature for one to two days, and then place in sterilized jars and refrigerate for further storage.

Georgian adjika is ready! Enjoy your meal!