Uzbek Fried Shurpa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Uzbek Fried Shurpa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Uzbek Fried Shurpa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Uzbek Fried Shurpa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Uzbek Fried Shurpa - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: Узбекская шурпа ? Съедается подчистую!!! ? Uzbek shurpa 2023, May

Another version of the Uzbek shurpa made of beef, lamb and chickpea, which will surely please connoisseurs and lovers of Uzbek cuisine.


Beef - 300 g

Lamb - 250 g

Vegetable oil - 4 tablespoons

Bulb onions - 1 pc.

Carrots - 2 pcs.

Potatoes - 3 pcs.

Sweet pepper - 1 pc. (large)

Chickpeas - 250 g

Tomato - 1-2 pcs.

Garlic - 2 cloves

Zira - 1 tsp

Capsicum - to taste

Allspice - to taste

Greens - for serving

  • 165 kcal
  • 2 hours
  • 2 hours

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Shurpa, like pilaf, is a pearl of Uzbek cuisine. Having tried this dish once, you want it again and again.

Shurpa is cooked in Uzbekistan in two versions - fried (kaurma) and boiled (kainatma). I have already posted the recipe for boiled shurpa on the site. Today I want to talk about a completely non-dietary, but no less tasty version of this dish.

Again, as with any dish, each housewife gets her own taste of shurpa and each housewife does it with her own peculiarities and subtleties.

To prepare fried shurpa in Uzbek, you need to take the products from the list. We do not use lamb lard, it is too greasy, but I add some fatty lamb trimmings in the first roast.

We also need pre-soaked chickpeas. Fried shurpa can be cooked without peas, but it tastes better with it.

For shurpa, take beef or lamb. I took both. Cut off the fat from the lamb and cut it into cubes. Cut the rest of the meat into medium pieces. If there are bones, it is advisable to chop them smaller.

Peel and chop the potatoes.

Prepare the rest of the vegetables. All slices must be coarse.

Heat the cauldron over the fire. Add pieces of cut fat and melt. Remove pieces of fat, add vegetable oil and fry the meat until golden brown. Salt.

Add onion, garlic and spices to the cauldron. At this point, I add the chillies, preferring to cut them into rings. Not all, of course, only a part. Garlic can be passed through a press, you can simply chop. Fry everything together until the onions are browned.

Add tomato, carrot, bell pepper. Fry for another 3 minutes. I know that some people prefer a roast that is too strong, for me this option is unacceptable. And I also don't add potatoes to vegetables at this stage.

Pour vegetables with water, bring to a boil and add soaked and washed chickpeas. Cook the shurpa until the peas are soft.

Put potatoes in the cauldron last. Salt the dish to taste. When the potatoes are tender, the shurpa can be served.

Fried shurpa (kaurma) in Uzbek is ready. Sprinkle with fresh herbs when serving.

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