Solyanka In Georgian, Recipe With Photo

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Solyanka In Georgian, Recipe With Photo
Solyanka In Georgian, Recipe With Photo

Video: Solyanka In Georgian, Recipe With Photo

Video: Solyanka In Georgian, Recipe With Photo
Video: Солянка по-грузински. Solyanka in Georgian. 2023, June


Beef (or veal) - 600 grams;

Pickled cucumbers (or gherkins) - 200 grams;

Onions - 1-2 heads;

Tomato paste - 1 tbsp the spoon;

Red wine (optional) - 1 glass;

Basil - 0.5 tsp;

Hops suneli - 0.5-1 tsp;

Coriander - 1 pinch;

Garlic - 1 clove

Vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp. spoons;

Meat or vegetable broth - 3-4 glasses;

Cilantro - 1-2 bunches;

Salt and pepper to taste.

  • 57 kcal
  • 1 h. 15 min.
  • 1 h. 15 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Georgian solyanka is a very aromatic soup with a bright taste. Its thickness to taste is regulated by the amount of added broth, i.e. it is either thin or thick soup if desired. Traditionally, it is eaten by scooping up pita bread … Sometimes I add beans to the indicated composition for greater satiety.

Prepare beef or veal, pickles, tomato paste, onions, broth, wine, basil, suneli hops, coriander, cilantro, garlic.

Cut the meat into oblong pieces and fry in a hot dry frying pan.

Then add vegetable oil and chopped onions, lightly salt and simmer all together for about 15 minutes.

Pour in a glass of wine or broth mixed with tomato paste, simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

Add cucumbers and all the spices, simmer for five minutes.

Pour in hot broth until desired thickness, stir, let it brew for a few minutes.

Serve Georgian hodgepodge with fresh cilantro (or whatever you like).

Enjoy your meal!

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