German Potato Soup - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

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German Potato Soup - Recipe With Photos Step By Step
German Potato Soup - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

Video: German Potato Soup - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

Video: German Potato Soup - Recipe With Photos Step By Step

A very unusual German potato soup with bacon and sweet prunes - a complete harmony of contrasting tastes!


Potatoes - 700 g

Bacon - 200 g

Carrots - 1 pc.

Bulb onions - 1 pc.

Prunes - 200 g

Meat broth - 750 ml

Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.

Green parsley - to taste

  • 108 kcal
  • 40 minutes
  • 40 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

This German potato soup is the most unusual potato soup recipe I know in Europe (South America has one that is even weirder - the one with melon). In no case should you think that the Germans cook potato soup just like in this recipe - they cook it in very different ways, and most of the options are generally similar to what any Slav is familiar with. But in several regions of Germany, this dish has a special flavor direction, the so-called "broken sweetness".

"Broken sweetness" is when absolutely contrasting taste elements are combined in one dish, for example, sweet and sour or sweet and salty. Moreover, the whole point of "broken sweetness" is that both are not slightly sweet and slightly salty, but strongly sweet and highly salty, but the overall taste of the dish still remains balanced.

So, this German potato soup is traditionally prepared in meat broth and with different types of salted or smoked meat or sausages. But for a taste contrast to this salty meat, prunes, fresh plums or pears are used, and in some cases also plum or apple pie. Yes, it is a special fruit pie to complement the potato soup. And like this! You shouldn't think that German cuisine is just a knuckle with beer and sauerkraut … There are very sophisticated delights there.

In general, I can say that all dishes with "broken sweetness" in a person without the habit of their composition of ingredients at the first moment cause an explosion of the brain, but they are all absolutely edible and tasty. I will show you the strongest flavor contrast version of this type of German potato soup - Mecklenburg, with bacon and prunes. There is no pie for it, there are only pies for soup with fresh fruit.

We cut the onions.

Fry the onions in vegetable oil over low or medium heat until transparent.

While the onions are fried, peel and cut the carrots (you can still have any other root vegetables) and potatoes. Cut the potatoes finely to cook faster.

After the onion reaches transparency, pour the broth into it, add the potatoes and carrots and add the bacon. Make sure the bacon is in large chunks so that you can easily catch them later. Cook the soup for 20 minutes (until the potatoes are soft).

About 5 minutes before the end of cooking the soup, catch the bacon and cut it into large cubes. It is convenient to press it with a spatula.

We send about half of the bacon back to the pot for the rest of the soup. Lightly fry the other half in a pan.

At the end of cooking, puree the soup. Now it is done with a blender. Previously, it was made either with a fork in plates or with a potato crush in a saucepan. This I mean, you don't have to try to achieve the consistency of a homogeneous puree soup! On the contrary, an authentic recipe is more consistent with the presence of unmilled large pieces in a thick soup.

Well, now - a solemn moment! Each serving of German potato soup is served with prunes, fried bacon and green parsley. And it's very tasty, honestly!

Important additions to the recipe

In addition to carrots, you can use any soup root vegetables: celery, parsley, parsnips.

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