Soup With Dumplings Like In Kindergarten - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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Soup With Dumplings Like In Kindergarten - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Soup With Dumplings Like In Kindergarten - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: Soup With Dumplings Like In Kindergarten - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Video: Soup With Dumplings Like In Kindergarten - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
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A children's menu should not only be healthy, but also tasty, so the dishes are prepared according to strict recipes, one of which is soup with dumplings.


Chicken broth - 1.3 l

Potatoes - 400 g

Carrots - 50 g

Onions - 50 g

Vegetable oil - 10 g

Butter - 10 g

Chicken egg - 1 pc.

Wheat flour - 60 g

Greens - 15 g

Salt - 1/2 tablespoon

  • 51 kcal
  • 40 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour 40 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

It is not in vain that soups with dumplings are prepared for children in kindergarten, because almost every child eats such a soup with pleasure. There is nothing superfluous in it, but only healthy and not fatty chicken broth, potatoes, slightly sautéed vegetables and, in fact, the dumplings themselves.

If the child does not really like onions and carrots in the soup, then the onions can be chopped very finely, and the carrots can be grated on a fine grater, then sprinkled so that they are not fried in any way, the onion from such processing will become almost transparent and sweetish in taste, the child will not even notice it in the soup. But if your child is very bad and strives to catch everything from the soup, then in order not to deprive the broth of its taste, boil a whole carrot in it, which then simply remove from the broth, you can do the same with onions.

But these are deviations, after all, for the nutrition of children in kindergarten, there have always been strict recipes for each dish, where the list and quantity of each ingredient were prescribed in technological charts, and the cook who prepares food for children is always obliged to strictly observe them. Therefore, in this recipe, we will recall the recipe for soup with dumplings exactly according to the technological chart.

Usually, the number of products in the card is indicated for one serving of the dish, in this case, soup, but since we need to cook soup not for one child, but for a family of several people, we will increase the amount of products for the soup in proportion to the number of eaters. The grocery list for this recipe lists the amount of each ingredient for five servings of kindergarten dumpling soup.

Since we cooked the chicken broth for the soup in advance, we proceed directly to cooking the soup. Put a pot of broth on the fire, and while it warms up, peel the potatoes.

Cut the peeled potatoes into cubes.

Then peel a small onion and the required amount of carrots. In order to comply with the recipe and weight of each product, you will have to use weights here, but I think this is understandable.

Immediately finely chop the onion and carrot into thin strips.

Heat vegetable and butter in a frying pan.

First let us save the onion in oil until transparent.

Now add the carrots to the pan and continue to sauté over low heat.

Meanwhile, as soon as the broth has boiled, put the chopped potatoes in it and cook over medium heat.

This is how vegetables should be after sautéing. Remove the pan from the heat.

While the potatoes are boiling, you can make a dumpling dough. To do this, break a chicken egg into flour.

Mix the egg with flour, add a little chicken broth so that the dough is of the required consistency. The dough should be stringy and not tough. You will need very little broth, about 1-2 teaspoons.

Once the potatoes are ready, you can add the dumplings to the soup. To do this, hold a teaspoon for a while in hot broth, immediately add some dough to it and put it in the soup. We do this quickly and try not to gain a lot of dough so that the dumplings are small in size.

Dumplings cook very quickly: as soon as they float to the surface, they can be considered ready. In the meantime, they are boiling, quickly chop finely the herbs for the soup.

As soon as the dumplings have surfaced, we send the sautéed onions and carrots to the soup, stir.

We do the same with chopped herbs.

At the very end, add salt, stir and turn it off after a minute. Kindergarten-style soup with dumplings is ready.

Let the soup steep for about half an hour, and after that it can be poured into plates. You can also add chicken meat to the soup, on which you cooked chicken broth. But this is according to your wishes. Enjoy your meal.

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