Hunting Soup "Shulemka" In A Slow Cooker - A Recipe With Step By Step Photos And Videos

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Hunting Soup "Shulemka" In A Slow Cooker - A Recipe With Step By Step Photos And Videos
Hunting Soup "Shulemka" In A Slow Cooker - A Recipe With Step By Step Photos And Videos

Video: Hunting Soup "Shulemka" In A Slow Cooker - A Recipe With Step By Step Photos And Videos

Video: Hunting Soup "Shulemka" In A Slow Cooker - A Recipe With Step By Step Photos And Videos
Video: Суп Охотничий. Домашний Рецепт. На охоту ходить не надо. // Олег Карп 2023, May

Let's make a homemade version of the pork and vegetable soup in a slow cooker. Simple, very satisfying and tasty! Try it and you won't regret it!


Pork - 400 g

Potatoes - 6 pcs.

Carrots - 2 pcs.

Bulb onions - 2 pcs.

Tomatoes - 2 pcs.

Garlic - 3 cloves

Salt, pepper - to taste

Vegetable oil - 60 ml

Spices to taste

Water - 3 l

  • 51 kcal
  • 2 hours
  • 2 hours

Photo of the finished dish

Video recipe: Shulemka hunting soup in a slow cooker

Step by step recipe with photos and videos

The recipe for the hunting first course caught my eye by accident and liked it so much that I immediately went to cook it. But here's the trouble! There is no cauldron at home, no blazing open fire, and you only have to go to the store for meat. However, I did not despair and decided to make hunters' soup in a slow cooker, so to speak, in a cauldron for hostesses. Of course, the result cannot be compared with the original dish prepared somewhere in the forest. But, in my opinion, the ready meal is a very worthy version of the wild soup made at home.

So, for the shulemka, and this is the name the dish has, I took a pork tenderloin. In general, any meat is suitable: duck, beef, etc. The fatter, I think, the better for such a dish. The vegetables are the simplest: potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes. I envy those who take these ingredients from their garden - and, alas, purchased from me. I take vegetable oil for frying, spices - for a richer taste (seasoning for pork, dried parsley, bay leaves, salt, black pepper).

A few words about the peculiarities of the dish. Since this soup is hunting, then its preparation is specific. Namely: all ingredients are cut into large pieces. Firstly, the hunters, I suppose, are themselves - people are rather big and the portions like global ones, and secondly, when you are hungry after such hard work, you want to quickly chop up the components, and not stand for a few more hours for neat cutting of vegetables.

Before cooking, all the ingredients are in turn fried in oil and only then poured with water and boiled with spices until tender. I would like to say that the desired golden brown crust can be obtained when frying in a multicooker only if there is an appropriate mode. If you, like me, do not have such a mode, do not be discouraged, you can fry the ingredients separately in a pan or in the "Bake" mode. The latter option does not imply rosiness at all (this is what happened to me), but this did not make the soup worse. On the contrary, we can say that it turned out to be a dietary option, although with so much oil what kind of diet you can talk about … Okay, fewer words, otherwise suddenly we ourselves will become victims of hunters:)

We wash the meat and cut into large pieces. We put it in a preheated multicooker, I used the "Baking" mode for lack of "Frying".

Cook until the meat fat and water evaporate.

Then pour in vegetable oil, add pork seasoning, fry (if possible) until golden brown.

At this time, we clean the vegetables. Coarsely cut the potatoes.

Cut the onion into small cubes.

Cut the carrots into thick circles.

Meanwhile, the meat was cooked. Take the pork out of the bowl into a separate plate. Now we send potatoes to the multicooker. We also fry until golden brown.

We take out and send the carrots to the bowl. We repeat the same thing.

We send onions to the fried carrots. Simmer everything together until soft.

We return the meat and potatoes to the multicooker. Fill with hot water.

Add salt and pepper to taste, add dried parsley and bay leaves. Stir and wait for the soup to boil.

At this time, peel the tomato and cut it into small cubes.

Chop the garlic finely, you can use a garlic press.

Add the tomato and garlic to the boiled soup and cook everything together for another 15-20 minutes.

Then turn off the multicooker and, if there is time, leave the shulemka to infuse for 15 minutes.

In my opinion, in the multicooker the hunting soup "Shulemka" turned out to be 5 plus! Serve with fresh herbs! Enjoy your meal!

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