Czech Panadel Soup - Recipe With Photo

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Czech Panadel Soup - Recipe With Photo
Czech Panadel Soup - Recipe With Photo

Video: Czech Panadel Soup - Recipe With Photo

Video: Czech Panadel Soup - Recipe With Photo
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Beef - 500 g

Onions - 1 pc.

Carrots - 1 pc.

Greens - 1/2 bunch

Milk - 300 ml

Eggs - 2 pcs.

Flour - 100 g

Vegetable oil - 20 ml

Sugar - 1 tsp

Salt, pepper, bay leaf

  • 158 kcal
  • 1 h. 30 min.
  • 1 h. 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

It is customary to cook pancake noodle soup without potatoes, only on the basis of saturated beef broth. The baked thin pancakes are rolled up, then cut. The spirals are stretched like regular noodles or left as multi-layer "islands".

For a more satisfying option, I suggest baking a couple of potato tubers separately, preferably in a rustic oven or on coals (if possible), peeling and serving as a "bonus".

To prepare Panadel soup in Czech, we will prepare products according to the list.

Pour clean beef to the top with water, boil, drain the foamy broth, wash it again, put it in new water (about 2.2 liters), bring to a boil and cook for the next hour with onions, carrots, garlic, pepper, bay leaves, two or three branches greens, celery, spicy roots are also suitable. Salt at the end of cooking. At the same time, we send potatoes to a hot oven.

From milk, flour, vegetable oil, eggs, throwing a pinch of salt and sugar, knead the pancake batter - bake 4-5 thin pancakes, each roll up.

Cut the pancake rolls slightly diagonally.

For bright colors, knead boiled carrots. We clean the baked potatoes, chop fresh herbs.

We fill portioned plates with broth, supplement with pieces of meat, carrot puree, green onions.

Don't forget about pancakes.

Bohemian Panadel soup is ready. We serve! Enjoy your meal!

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