Tafelspitz - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Tafelspitz - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Tafelspitz - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tafelspitz - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Tafelspitz - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: How To Make TAFELSPITZ: The Classic Austrian Way 2023, May

A special piece of cooked beef with a unique setting of vegetables, salad and sauces is one of the recognized peaks of Viennese cuisine.


For tafelspitz:

Tafelspitz beef or veal (wedge-shaped fragment of carcass in the area of the rump, rump) - 1 pc.

Water - 3 l

Bay leaf - 1 pc.

Black peppercorns - 3 pcs.

Carrots - 2 pcs.

Tuberous celery - 150 g

Parsley root - 1 pc.

Parsnip root - 1 pc.

Soup greens - 1 bunch

Potatoes - 4-6 pcs.

Salt to taste

For serving 1) For bean and dill salad:

Green beans (fresh frozen) - 200 g

Beef or veal broth - 150 ml

Sour cream with 10% fat content - 100 g

Flour - 1 tbsp.

Butter - 1 tbsp.

Lemon juice - to taste

Dill - 1 branch

Baking soda - 1 pinch

Salt, ground black pepper - to taste

Water - for cooking beans

2) For the apple horseradish sauce:

Grated horseradish - 2 tablespoons

Cream 30% fat - 1 tbsp

Sour apple - 1 pc.

Lemon juice - to taste

3) For onion sauce:

Beef or veal broth - 150 ml

Flour - 10 g

Butter - 10 g

Chives - 1 bunch

Salt, ground pepper - to taste

Lemon juice - to taste

  • 46 kcal
  • 3 h. 30 min.
  • 3 h. 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Vienna Tafelspitz is one of the legendary dishes of Austrian cuisine with a fairly simple preparation, but complex serving, more precisely - a very large set of compulsory accompanying dishes. As a result, this word was even chosen as the name of the award for Viennese restaurateurs.

Tafelspitz comes only from beef or veal. This is a certain piece of wedge-shaped carcass from a rump (rump). No other piece of carcass or type of meat has the right to be called a tafelspitz.

So, in order to prepare a dish called Tafelspitz, you need to take a piece called Tafelspitz and boil it. If you do not boil it, but, say, bake it, then such a dish will no longer be called a tafelspitz. These are the subtleties and conventions.

Viennese Tafelspitz is served without fail with a solid "appendage" of salads and sauces. There is no other way! To understand this is very important - this is a feature of this dish. Without this kit, you will not get an Austrian, but a German or Swiss Tafelspitz. For European cuisine, such quirks are quite normal - there, in two neighboring regions, they very often prepare a dish with different seasonings, and it is important for them that the seasonings are just such, and not others. Well, here, and the Austrian Tafelspitz is determined not by seasonings, but by salads and sauces.

It is always accompanied by a salad of green beans with dill. To it is put horseradish sauce (either with grated apple, or with fried crumbs and cracklings) and velute sauce with chives (aka skoroda, aka chives, chives is just its German name) Moreover, it is with chives, and not with ordinary green onions.

The Viennese tafelspitz is accompanied by potatoes. In what form it will be - there are a lot of options! Boiled, boiled and fried, fried, roshti - as you like, as long as not baked in uniforms. In the broth, along with the tafelspitz, there must certainly be some kind of root vegetables. Which ones - you can also choose according to your taste and capabilities. Carrots - required; parsley, parsnip, celery - your choice.

First of all, pour the meat in a large saucepan with water so that it is completely covered, add bay leaves and peppercorns, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to a minimum and cook the tafelspitz in this way for 2-4 hours.

While it is boiling, the hostess will not be bored. First, you need to prepare a bean salad with dill (see the link with details above). We take the broth for him from the tafelspitz.

Secondly, the velute sauce (link with details is above), into which the chives are cut. We take the broth for him from the tafelspitz. Sorry, generously, I forgot to photograph this finished dish in a separate frame, it can only be seen in the final photo in the gravy boat, here, purely to show that this sauce also needs to be made, I poured the rest of the onion over the rest of the broth.

Of the possible options for horseradish sauce, I chose apple-horseradish sauce. In fact, it also includes either peasant cream (which is very, very thick, but not yet sour), or sour cream. It's just that where I live, ordinary grated horseradish is not sold at all, but this combination of grated horseradish and sour cream is already being sold. In order to make the Austrian sauce, respectively, I need to rub the sour apple.

The apple is quickly mixed with grated horseradish with sour cream (so that it does not have time to darken too much) and this mixture is flavored with a drop of lemon juice. When it is ready, it will no longer darken.

We also need to peel the root vegetables. And for someone, perhaps, and cook a roshti (link - above).

Whether or not you cut root vegetables is determined by whether you are going to eat them or not. For example, we do not eat anything but carrots, but for flavor I add celery, parsnips, and parsley to the broth. What you are about to eat can be cut into slices, cubes, or strips.

Part of the broth from the finished tafelspitz is poured off after the cooking time. It is left over very low heat in the rest of the broth. Now the meat can already be salted to taste.

In the drained broth, boil root vegetables and soup greens until the root vegetables are ready. I also cook potatoes there. Salt to taste.

Immediately before serving, the Tafelspitz is cut into plates 1 cm thick or more across the fibers. Due to the peculiarity of the structure of this fragment of the carcass, the pieces will have a pointed shape on one side.

The meat is always served with broth and pieces of root vegetables, potatoes, green bean salad, horseradish sauce (in the plate next to green beans) and chives sauce.

Enjoy your meal!

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