Okroshka With Herring - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

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Okroshka With Herring - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step
Okroshka With Herring - A Recipe With A Photo Step By Step

Okroshka with slightly salted herring will surprise you with its new taste.


Lightly salted herring - 100 g

Boiled sausage - 200 g

Eggs - 2-3 pcs.

Fresh cucumbers - 2 pcs.

Potatoes - 2 pcs.

Green onions - 10-30 g

Dill - 10-30 g

Kvass or water - 1.5 l

Salt to taste

Sour cream - 300 g

Lemon juice to taste

  • 54 kcal
  • 50 minutes
  • 50 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, each time creating new and original masterpieces, then this recipe is for you. The proposed version of okroshka differs from the classic one, since the dish contains slightly salted herring. The dish has an interesting flavor, while remaining no less tasty.

There are two options for serving okroshka with herring: the first is where the fish is added directly to the base, the second is when the herring is served as an addition to the finished dish.

Before cooking, prepare all the foods on the list, wash vegetables and herbs thoroughly in water and dry on a cloth towel.

Boil potato tubers in advance, without peeling the skin, that is, in a "uniform". Cook the vegetable until soft. The cooking time of potatoes depends on its variety, but the main thing is not to digest the fruit, boiled potatoes are not suitable for cooking okroshka. After cooking, cool the vegetable completely, then remove the top layer, cut into equal medium-sized cubes.

Boil the eggs in water until they are "hard-boiled", then cool in cool water, scrape off the top layer, cut the flesh into squares.

Remove the tight wrapper from the sausage, cut it like other components.

Cut the cucumbers lengthwise into slices, then into thin strips.

Finely chop a bunch of green onions and dill, removing thin twigs.

Pre-cut the carcass of slightly salted herring - remove the tail, head, ridge and small bones, remove the thin transparent skin from above. Cut the resulting fillet into small cubes of the same size.

Prepare a spacious saucepan, load all the chopped ingredients inside.

Add the required amount of sour cream, stir.

Next, pour in chilled kvass or water. If you use water as a base, then it is better to take carbonated so that the okroshka is sharp. Finally, bring okroshka with herring to the desired taste by adding salt and lemon juice.

Stir the okroshka thoroughly, load into the refrigerator for several hours to cool, then pour into plates.

Enjoy your meal!

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