Lentil Soup, Step By Step Recipe With Photos

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Lentil Soup, Step By Step Recipe With Photos
Lentil Soup, Step By Step Recipe With Photos

Video: Lentil Soup, Step By Step Recipe With Photos

Video: Lentil Soup, Step By Step Recipe With Photos
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Lentils red or yellow - 1.5 cups;

Carrots - 3 pieces;

Onions - 1 head;

Garlic - 1 small head;

Ground coriander - 1 teaspoon;

Dry aromatic herbs - 1-2 tsp;

Ground peppers to taste;

Broth or water - 4-5 glasses;

Salt to taste;

Olive oil for frying.

  • 132 kcal
  • 20 minutes.
  • 20 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Try and then introduce into your diet a simple, very healthy, flavorful and warming lentil-carrot soup. The recipe is simple, but I will give 2 tips from eminent chefs: about garlic from Hector Jimenez and about onions from Julia Vysotskaya.

The soup is made from a very simple set of products and turns out to be rich in taste and pleasant in color.

I propose to peel the garlic with the method I saw on the TV show with Hector Jimenez. Place the cooked garlic in a bowl.

Cover with a second bowl and shake vigorously for a few seconds.

Done! those. peeled cloves of garlic in a bowl.

In order to finely chop the onion and at the same time it does not disperse in different directions, use the advice from Julia Vysotskaya and my photo: cut half of the cooking up and down, but without reaching the root place with a knife.

Heat the onions in a skillet with oil and simmer.

Peel the carrots and chop together with the garlic in a blender or on a grater …

Add the carrots with garlic to the pan to the onion, salt and sprinkle with coriander.

Simmer over medium heat.

Rinse lentils, cover with water or broth and bring to a boil.

Throw vegetables into the boiled lentils, add aromatic herbs and peppers. I added Italian herbs with paprika and pink pepper.

After 10 minutes of boiling over medium heat, the soup is number 1, but if you want a more puree lentil soup, then cook for another 10-15 minutes, red and yellow lentils boil well.

Lentil carrot soup is ready. Additionally, you can sprinkle it with fresh herbs to taste.

Enjoy your meal!

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