Spinach Soup, Recipe With Photo

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Spinach Soup, Recipe With Photo
Spinach Soup, Recipe With Photo

Video: Spinach Soup, Recipe With Photo

Video: Spinach Soup, Recipe With Photo
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Frozen spinach - 200 g

Potatoes - 200 g

Onions or leeks - 1 pc.

Cream (10%) - 300 ml

Water - 300 ml

Salmon (salmon) - 200 g

Oil (butter or olive) - for frying

Salt to taste

  • 94 kcal
  • 30 min.
  • 30 min.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

I propose a soup with spinach and cream based on a recipe that I saw in the book "Woman's Food" by I. Lazerson … More precisely, it suggests an idea to add baked salmon to a puree spinach soup cooked in chicken broth. In my version, I replaced the chicken broth with water and cream. I liked it very much! Salmon goes well with spinach. Now I think that adding creamy melted cheese or sprinkling with grated Parmesan when serving would not be superfluous, but the book suggests an egg boiled without shell:)

Prepare the ingredients for the spinach cream soup.

Sprinkle the salmon fillet with salt and a little sugar and bake in foil in the oven at 150 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Then, when the soup is done, take the finished fillet into pieces, removing the bones.

Cut the potatoes into thin slices and, along with the spinach balls, add to boiling water and cook over medium heat until the potatoes are tender.

Chop the onion coarsely, sweat in butter or olive oil and add to the soup.

Puree the finished soup.

Pour in the cream and heat everything together, but don't boil.

Pour the spinach and cream soup into bowls and add the pieces of salmon.

Spinach soup with cream is ready! I added eggs with black caviar … made of seaweed, laid on flaxseed bread to the bite, and next time I will experiment with cheese.

Enjoy your meal!

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