Botvinha - Recipe With Photo

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Botvinha - Recipe With Photo
Botvinha - Recipe With Photo

Video: Botvinha - Recipe With Photo

Video: Botvinha - Recipe With Photo
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Dark kvass - 200 ml

Beet tops - 4-5 sheets

Sorrel - 5-6 leaves

Spinach - 5-6 sheets

Green onions - 2-3 stalks

Greens to taste

Salt to taste

Lemon - 1 slice

Red caviar - 1-2 tsp

Ice - optional

  • 54 kcal
  • 15 minutes.
  • 15 minutes.

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Botvinya long ago left the category of popular summer dishes - it was replaced by ordinary okroshka. But sometimes you really want to remember the "new" old taste of a forgotten dish and plunge into the era of the Silver Age, because A. S. Pushkin loved the cool soup made from young tops on kvass!

The base of botvinia is juicy and bright greens (beets, sorrel, nettle, spinach, etc.). The second component is fatty fish, such as the salmon family. Instead of such a boiled fish, I will use red caviar - it does not need to be boiled, which greatly facilitates my cooking. The third required ingredient is ice, but if you have chilled kvass, then you don't need to use it.

So, let's prepare all the necessary products for botvinia and start cooking!

We will sort out all the beet tops, sorrel and spinach, rinse in water and put in a deep container. Fill with boiling water for 2-3 minutes - during this time the green leaves will lose their density and become tender in taste.

Remove the tops from the water and cut them into ribbons. Put in a prepared bowl or a deep portioned plate.

Wash green onions, dill and parsley. Grind and add together with salt into a container. Add a lemon wedge and slightly remember it so that the juice comes out.

Pour chilled dark kvass into a container - it is he who is best suited for making botvinia, since it does not have a salty or sweet taste.

Gently mix the entire contents of the container and put the red caviar on top of it. Everything must be done quickly so that the dish remains chilled.

Traditionally, grated horseradish is added to botvinya, but I am not a fan of such taste sensations, so I will leave everything as it is! Let's start tasting the dish right away, and if it still managed to warm up slightly, then add a couple of ice cubes to the container.

Enjoy it!

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