Naval Borsch - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

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Naval Borsch - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Naval Borsch - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Naval Borsch - Recipe With Photo Step By Step

Video: Naval Borsch - Recipe With Photo Step By Step
Video: The BEST Classic Beef Borscht Recipe (Борщ) - Ukrainian Beet Soup w/ Beef! Family Recipe!! 2023, June

Is there a lot of fresh meat in the ship's refrigerators? Of course not! Therefore, the naval borscht is cooked on smoked meat.


Smoked chicken leg - 1 pc.

Smoked pork neck - 450 g

Potatoes - 4 pcs.

Carrots - 1 pc.

Onions - 1 pc.

Boiled beets - 2 pcs.

Cabbage - 0.5 pcs.

Bay leaf - 1 pc.

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Tomato paste - 70 g

Vegetable oil - for frying

Allspice - 8 pcs.

  • 61 kcal
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Delicious naval borscht differs from the usual one in the presence of smoked meats and in the form of cutting vegetables. Potatoes - cubes, and cabbage - squares. Serve as desired with sour cream and herbs. Let's start cooking.

To prepare naval borscht, we need the products listed in the list.

Cut the smoked meats into separate pieces and send them to cook for 30 minutes.

Remove the boiled smoked meats from the broth. Cut the potatoes into cubes and send them to cook in smoked broth.

Cut the onion into small cubes.

Cut the carrots into half rings.

We send onions and carrots to sauté in vegetable oil until tender.

Cut the pepper into small pieces.

Cut the beets into cubes.

We send beets to sautéed onions and carrots. We pass together for 5 minutes.

Passer is ready!

Cut the cabbage into checkers, send it to boil the potatoes.

Finely chop the garlic.

We send sauteed vegetables, garlic, peppers, cabbage and smoked meats to borscht. And also salt and pepper, add bay leaves, allspice. Cook for 5-7 minutes and turn off.

We insist naval borscht for about 10 minutes and treat our relatives and friends.

Enjoy your meal!

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