Pasta With Ham, Recipe With Photo

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Pasta With Ham, Recipe With Photo
Pasta With Ham, Recipe With Photo

Video: Pasta With Ham, Recipe With Photo

Video: Pasta With Ham, Recipe With Photo
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Ham - 100 g

Onions - 50 g

Vegetable oil - 30 ml

Pasta (raw) - 160 g

Cream - 120 ml

Water - how much is needed to boil pasta

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper - to taste

Butter - 30 g

  • 313 kcal
  • 25 minutes
  • 25 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Pasta with ham, like pasta in a navy style, is prepared quickly, but it turns out delicious)) It's not even just pasta with ham! It would be more accurate to say - pasta with ham, onions in a creamy sauce. This creamy sauce envelops each pasta, it turns out a creamy paste, which for lunch, for the second, will be very useful.

Pasta with ham should only be served hot, cooling down, the dish loses its structure (in the sense, the creamy sauce will cool down and stick the pasta), taste and appearance …

Let's start preparing the dish by preparing the necessary ingredients, namely, we need ham, onions, vegetable oil, cream, pasta, water, salt, ground pepper, butter. Dice the onion and ham.

First fry the onion in vegetable oil, then add the ham and fry it a little.

Pour the cream into a skillet, let it boil and simmer the onion and ham until the cream thickens. Season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside from heat. Boil pasta of any shape in water with a small amount of salt added until tender.

Drain the pasta and rinse if necessary, transfer the ham in the sauce from the pan to the pasta pan and add the butter.

Now stir the pasta. Everything, the dish is ready, you can serve it. As you can see, everything is quick and simple:)

When serving pasta and ham, sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Enjoy your meal!!!

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