Breaded Potatoes - Recipe With Photo

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Breaded Potatoes - Recipe With Photo
Breaded Potatoes - Recipe With Photo

Video: Breaded Potatoes - Recipe With Photo

Video: Breaded Potatoes - Recipe With Photo
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Potatoes - 1 kg

Ham - 300 g

Bread crumbs - 50-70 g

Flour - 5 tbsp.

Vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp.

Egg - 2 pcs.

Sea salt - to taste

Ch.m. pepper - taste

Smoked paprika for color - 0.5 tsp.

  • 163 kcal
  • 40 minutes
  • 40 minutes

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Step by step recipe with photo

Breaded potatoes are an unusual, high-calorie and delicious way to cook potatoes. The original should contain large potatoes, cut and breaded in slices. Small tubers can also be cooked in this way, and it will turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful.

First, wash the potatoes under running water with a sponge or brush. Boil potatoes until tender, cool, peel, cut lengthwise into two parts.

Chop the ham very finely.

Combine flour, ham, crackers, salt, pepper and paprika.

Beat eggs with a fork.

Add eggs to the ham and breadcrumbs mixture, stir very quickly.

Spread the breading over the potatoes (originally on both sides), lightly press the breading onto the potatoes with a spoon or fork. The mixture will hold well on the potatoes.

Heat a frying pan, grease it with vegetable oil and fry the potatoes on both sides until golden brown.

The ham breading is crispy and delicious.

Serve the breaded potatoes immediately.

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