Banosh - Recipe With Photo

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Banosh - Recipe With Photo
Banosh - Recipe With Photo

Video: Banosh - Recipe With Photo

Video: Banosh - Recipe With Photo
Video: Банош по Гуцульски рецепт Hutsul banosh 2023, June


Corn flour - 240 g

Cream - 1100 ml

Salt - 1 tsp

Sugar - 1 tsp

  • 156 kcal
  • 35 minutes
  • 35 minutes

Photo of the finished dish

Step by step recipe with photo

Banosh (banush) is, one might say, a rich relative of cornmeal dishes such as polenta and hominy. Only it is not prepared with water, but with cream or sour cream. A native of the Carpathians and their environs, banosh is especially common in Ukraine, in the Hutsul cuisine, but other neighboring peoples also know it, albeit under slightly different names. Some consider banosh a festive dish, others say that it is the first meal for hard-working peasants to keep up their strength. They eat banosh with rennet cheese crumbled on top, with cracklings, with mushrooms, with an egg, or just like that.

Obviously, there are so many families - there are so many ways to cook banosh. Some swear and swear that the real banosh is only on sour cream. Others are breastfeeding for the cream. Still others strive to dilute this or that with milk or broth. Of course, there are also such "unbreakable rules" as stirring with a stick rather than a spoon, cooking in a pot over a fire, etc. etc. I decided to try a banosh with cream for a start (simply because I had a lot of cream on hand, but I didn't have so much sour cream). But now I also want sour cream, without fail! Not because I didn't like it with the cream - I liked it too !!! But now it's curious: WHAT COULD BE TASTER ?!

Banosh, like many old dishes, is calculated not in scales, but in volumes, product ratios. It is logical: they had cups-bowls, but the overwhelming majority of the population did not have measuring glasses and scales. So try on like this: for one volume of cornmeal, more than four volumes of cream, but less than six (too liquid). The volume of the finished dish is approximately equal to the volume of cream. Are you oriented?

The amount of salt and sugar depends on what you plan to eat the banosh with. If you take a teaspoon of both for the amount of flour and cream that I took, then the taste will generally be just normal: there you can additionally fry the cracklings from salted lard, and take the cheese more vigorously.

Banosh cooking strategies are also different. I have chosen for myself essentially steaming. For this, the cream is first brought to a boil.

Then the pan is removed from the heat, and cornmeal is poured into the hot cream in a thin stream. By the way, in this case, you can even stir it with a whisk, it turns out evenly, without lumps! Then the pan is returned to the lowest heat (1 on the electric stove) and left there for 20 minutes.

After the steaming time has elapsed, the fire is at maximum, and we begin to actively stir the corn mass. But we do not interfere with it anyhow, but in general - in a circle. At some point, you will see that the entire mass has formed into a single lump, which easily separates from the bottom and "dances" around the mixer.

Banosh is ready when it starts to "sweat" with oil, i.e. there is its distinct separation from the corn mass, it is clearly visible. The crust on the bottom is not a stick, but an exceptional yummy !!!

What can I say about the finished dish? VKUSNYATINA INCREDIBLE !!! One of those dishes when you overeat to the point that you can't eat anymore, but it is also impossible not to eat up to the very last crumb. This is incomparably tastier than polenta or hominy, and I have no idea why there are more cracklings and cheese there? And so you can swallow your tongue! I don’t know, maybe the fact is that I had thirty percent cream, and the Carpathian peasants took some less fatty ones? Anyway, tomorrow I'm making banosh again for an encore!

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